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I’m Really In Love With A Girl But She’s A Muslim And I’m A Christian, Can We Get Married- Man Asks

I’m Really In Love With A Girl But She’s A Muslim And I’m A Christian, Can We Get Married- Man Asks

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A young man has got people reacting after he took to Facebook to express the challenge he’s facing in the aspect of religion and emotion. The young man happens to find himself in a situation where he’ll have to choose between his heart and his beliefs.

He said he’s in love with a lady who happens to be a Muslim and he’s a Christian. He asked the question in a Facebook group seeking people’s advice.

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Though there are few stories of Christians getting married to Muslims. However, there are many challenges he may have to face to get his heart’s desire granted.

Christians believe in the Holy Bible

He’ll have to win the hearts of the family members of the lady and he’ll have to convince his family to support him. Adding to that, there’s a difference in their pattern of marriage which makes the convincing job harder

A man who reacted advised him to first convert her to Christianity before talking of getting married to her.

Another user advised him to first submit to the will of Allah and become a Muslim.

What is your advice for the young man, do you think he should follow his heart and face any challenges he may have to face or he should stick to his religion, what is your take on a Muslim getting married to a Christian?

What can you say to this?

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