I Will Love To Settle Down Soon, But These Are The Things I Need In A Man – Actress Inem Peter

I Will Love To Settle Down Soon, But These Are The Things I Need In A Man – Actress Inem Peter

In a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, the Nollywood actress said that she has broken up with her lover, and that right now she is single again and in need of a serious relationship. The sultry actress revealed that her boyfriend broke up with her because he felt he was too quiet for his liking.

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During the interview, she said that her relationship has ended, and right now she is single again. She said the relationship went sour because she and the guy were too calm. He said that her ex-boyfriend wanted noise in the relationship, a kind of girl who would fight and quarrel him every time, but she couldn’t stand that because she is someone who values her peace of mind.

She also said that some years ago, she had thought of marrying an actor, but now that she has come this far in the industry she cannot make such decision of marrying an actor. While giving her reasons for that, she said that the handsome actors that she would have considered marrying are too talented, and when you are dealing with them, it is very difficult to know when they are acting and when they are being real with you.

She said that notwithstanding, that she is definitely going to give marriage a chance soon, and that she is hoping it will happen this year.

She also spoke about the kind of man she wants, and the things she wants in a man.

According to the interview which was also carried by The Nation, she said that she would love to settle down soon, but then there are things she is looking for in a man. She said that she likes men that are humble and tall, and that the man must not be stingy too. He has to be a giver.

Another thing she mentioned was the man’s performance in bed. She said that is very important – that the man must be good in bed. She said that she dislikes deceitful and selfish and stingy men.

She said that she also likes men that have a good sense of humour – men that can make her laugh, and at the same time not being sarcastic.

Everyone has what is called Love Map – which means the specifications they want in a partner, and when we finally find those things in a partner, the feeling is usually pure bliss.

Inem Peter is a beautiful and successful woman, and I’m sure there are loads of men out there who are ready to do anything just to have her as a wife. So we pray that she soon finds what she is searching for.

What do you think about Inem Peter – would you love to have her as a wife?