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Woman Confessed What She Did to Her Husband After He Corrected Him

I Killed My Husband Because He Always Correct Me – Mother of Eight Children Confessed

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Strange news and surprising news has been the one dominating the internet now. The news that would get everyone surprised has now been our general news.

Today, we are going to be talking about a Woman who is a mother of 8, she reportedly nabbed her husband to death. This news made many people tk be surprised after they dropped their comments.

Giving birth to 8 children is not an easy task neither is it a simple task. This woman gave birth to 8 children, but she still killed her husband who is the father of her 8 children. This is a bad thing for people to hear.

According to the report;

MOTHER OF EIGHT KILL HER HUSBAND. One woman kill her husband wey his name na Jonathan otomi for uwheru town, Ughelli north LGA yesterday.

According to Our uwheru repeater, the woman and the man get eight children together and the woman dey pregnant for the ninth child. Wahala start after the woman return late from her place of business despite several warnings from her husband not to dey stay reach night for her shop.

When the woman return, the man ask to know Watin make her dey disobey his instructions and the conversation later degenerate into argument Naim the woman chase the man with the knife wey she hold for hand till she catch and stab the man to death instantly.

The husband who was killed is by name Jonathan Otomi. The woman and the man has 8 children and the woman is pregnant (carrying her 9th child).

The husband who was killed is by name Jonathan Otomi. The woman and the man has 8 children and the woman is pregnant (carrying her 9th child).

What caused the death was that the woman came late from her business place, the husband asked her that why did she come late, and the man asked that why did she disobey his instruction. But this led to another thing as the woman grab a knife and stab the man instantly.

This is a bad act. This has been a lesson to us, the husband was trying to make her safe by warning her not always come home late because it is dangerous but she turned it to another thing.

What can you say about this?

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