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Endtime: ” I Was Delivering Her Vagina”- Pastor Says After He Was Caught Making Out With a Married Woman (Video)

” I Was Delivering Her Vagina”- Pastor Says After He Was Caught Making Out With a Married Woman (Video)

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The rate of Corruption in this generation we are now is getting out of control, people who assume themselves as men of God are not the one committing and perpetrating Evil in the society using the name of God as an excuse, but they were never called by God most of them opened ministry for monetary purpose because of frustration of getting employment.

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However, another video footage is currently making sensation on the social media Now, revealing the moment a self claimed man of God was apprehended having carnal knowledge of a married woman in the name of Deliverance.

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The youth in the community where the incident took place, made the Self claimed pastor to move around the Community with his banner, in order to show people the terrible thing he has committed.

Below are some of the pictures where the pastor was moving around the community

Screenshot 20210408 175319
Screenshot 20210408 174717

Watch Video below;

Many people reacted to the video footage condemning the act that was done by the Self claimed prophet who People living in the community thought to be a Real prophet not knowing that he was not.

What can you say to this?

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