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Duduzani is a Thief, He Stole Our Money and Went Living High Abroad- South Africans Cry Out

Duduzani is a Thief,He Stole Our Money and Went Living High Abroad- South Africans Cry Out

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The son of ex president Jacob Zuma is under siege on Twitter Following the various accusations charged against him by South Africans who Allegedly Accused him of stealing Taxation revenue which he used in building big Mansion overseas.

T said: Everything has a beginning and an end ,if the money was stolen from the poor masses of Msanzi, the day will come when he rue the stealing , but if it’s from his sweat and pain , he had a right to deal with it anyway he wishes, after all karma knows every door.

The Accusations caused a great controversy among south Africans on Twitter as some ot them believed that if truly duduzani Stole their money they should got to the nearest police station and Open up a case against him with concrete evidence to back up their cliames.

En said:

Open a case of theft at your nearest police station then. And produce evidence uyeke ukusibangela umsindo la ku


Whoever says Duduzane is using his money he must go to the Zondo Commission or to the police station to report, if you don’t know the direction tell me.

What can you say to this?

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