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Days After He “Promised to Find Remedy to Death” Fresh Graduate Student Died In a Fatal Accident (RIP)

Days After He “Promised to Find Remedy to Death” Fresh Graduate Student Died In a Fatal Accident (RIP)

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Tommorow is not guaranteed except in the hands of God Almighty who created the heaven and Earth, that is why what ever we are planning to die it is very expedient that we commit it in the hands of God because nobody knows tomorrow and nobody can predict the outcome of life events.

We are very pained to bring this information to your notice about a young and promising boy who just graduated of recent, but unfortunately he met untimely death he never predicted.

Before the terrible incident that took his Life,┬áKamsi Okonkwo aka Dmode posted on his Facebook account suggesting that he might find the remedy to death once such is discovered nobody will die anymore, but in real to what he said, a man then replied him that “Nobody is afraid of God” we are only Afraid of Death.

According to the report;

Fresh ANSU graduate dies in an auto crash days after sharing his opinion about death

A fresh graduate from Anambra State University (ANSU), Kamsi Okonkwo aka Dmode, has died in a fatal car accident, just few days sharing his opinion about death on Facebook,by saying “Nobody is Afraid of God, We are Only Afraid Of Death.

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Dmode, who graduated from the department of political science in February 2021, died on Wednesday, April 7, on his way back from an event in Nsukka, Enugu State.

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According to a source, the accident occurred after a trailer carrying cement fell on top their bus at 9th Mile, Enugu. Four persons inside the fully loaded bus were said to have lost their lives, while others are currently hospitalized.

Here is what he said days back;

Screenshot 20210408 092934

What can you say to this?

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