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Any Man That Marries This Lady Is In Trouble, See What She Did At Someone’s Wedding

Any Man That Marries This Lady Is In Trouble, See What She Did At Someone’s Wedding

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Why are women so desperate to marry?????

This question is what most women involved can’t answer, all they wanted is to be a MRS. That is why most of them end up rushing out of their marriages the same way they rushed in and the label men pigs or dogs. Most desperate ladies are lazy ladies that all their life hoped and depended on men for survival which is very wrong. Some of them end up walking about half dressed just to attract men’s attention, sister calm down.

Screenshot 20210408 114210

In a viral video on Instagram, a desperate lady surfaced. Normally after the wedding, according to norms and beliefs, when the new bride throws up the flower she was holding, the lady in her train that catches it is next to marry. Because of this, one lady attacked the bride on the process just to take the flower and claim the blessing.

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After this post was made, many Instagram users have reacted on it and below are some screenshots of the comments and reactions.

Screenshot 20210408 114413

What are your thoughts on this? Kindly leave a comment on the comment section below on your thoughts and opinions about this and don’t forget to share with friends.

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