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“Wonders Shall Never End”- A Dead Man That Was Buried Year Ago Is Still Breathing (Video)

“Wonders Shall Never End”- A Dead Man That Was Buried Year Ago Is Still Breathing

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We have heard many superstitious stories, things, many believe in them while others don’t. Recently, a Video surfaced online, Instagram precisely, it went viral as many bloggers posted, bloggers like legitpost and others.

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The video is about an aged man who was allegedly buried on October, year ago and he was still breathing after the residence digged him out. They dug him out because he was wrongly buried in another man’s land instead of his own land, after they brought out and opened the casket he was buried in, people were shocked to discover that he is breathing and his body was still fresh.

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The daughter of the deceased in question confirmed this but people are yet to figure out what caused this mystery because of its impossibility.

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People who were there can testify this especially the unfavorable pungent smell being released by the man’s body

See the full video below of the unbelievable story

What can you say to this?

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