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“Who Are You Deceiving”- See What This Lady Was Caught Doing That Got People Talking

“Who Are You Deceiving”- See What This Lady Was Caught Doing That Got People Talking

Screenshot 20210407 140710 1

Personally I wonder why some people will pose, and from to be what they are not, all in the name of Packaging and swag. I will disclose to is a very good example of Packaged life.

There has been a trending pictures, that has got the reactions of some Ghanaians on social media. Where the pictures shows a girl inside a parked car, which it can be seen clearly that the car was not on motion. As the girl was seen a serious mode, pretending to drive the car, whereas is just a deceptive move.

A closer look on the picture, can show clearly that, the was just parked and was not even moving. Also there was no key insert in the ignition of the car, indicating that the car engine was off.

According to the pictures, the foot of the lady was not on the Accelerator, neither was her leg on the break. And the car was parked and not on motion. The hand break of the car is up.

A lot people has reacted to this pictures, ascertaining why she took those pictures. Some were of the opinion that the car must have been a flying one. Some in their own perspective, maintained that so long as the car hand break is up, it means t the car must be flying on air, or that the car is a fingerprint type. Hence, the car has knot key slotted on the ignition, so it’s a clear fact that the bar was never on motion.

In your own view, do you think the car was made to use fingerprint, or that it is a flying Car, or that the girl just made the picture to from big girl or slay queen she is not. Excessive packaging?

Screenshot 20210407 140718 2

Well, left for me, I will say that the girl was just forming false swag and packaging. She should not deceive others or her friends, and better not live a fake life. What if another car had hit her, thinking that the car was on motion, thereby causing Accident

Below are the pictures:

Screenshot 20210407 140718
Screenshot 20210407 140710
Screenshot 20210407 140718 1

What can you say to this?

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