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“Should I Kill Myself”- “I Went To Visit Him And He Told Me He Cant Marry A Girl With Bowleg”- Lady Cry Out

“Should I Kill Myself”- “I Went To Visit Him And He Told Me He Cant Marry A Girl With Bowleg”- Lady Cry Out

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Body shaming is one issue that has eaten deep into a lot of people, they see it as nothing. They laugh at people who have one disability or the other, they mock those who look a bit different from them. They forget that we all are unique in our own ways, that we are all special, and we all have feelings.

A young lady who was hurt by how people have been treating her have decided to own up, and show that she loves her body despite how she is. She talked about how she shared her Pictures in a group, and Someone had to add her up on WhatsApp just to Insult her because she has now legs.

She proudly showcased herself, she said yes she is bowlegged, she is short and she is fat, atleast she is happy and breathing and she loves herself.

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She told us how 4 years ago, a guy invited her to come to Anambra and she went ahead to visit him. On getting there, because the guy saw that she was bowlegged he took her to his friends house, and told them to pretend that they are his family members.

When she left, he called her and told her that he can’t marry someone that is handicapped, someone that has bowlegs.

According to her narration;

I wouldn’t die!! I won’t change for nobody. SinceI posted my pictures here yesterday, 4yrs ago this guy invited me to come to his people have said a lot of things about me.

house in Anambra, being the travel maniac But the one that shocked me was this solo of am I honoured the invitation just for him to a guy that added me on whatsapp to laugh at take me to a friend’s house and pretended my bowleg. I never knew that this body that it was his family. It was when I left that shaming nonsense is still in existence.

he called me to tell me that he cannot present a handicapped lady to his parents!! And for those of you that wants to laugh further just know this. Iam bowlegged and That’s why he took me to his friends house Im proud of it. At least Im still breathing and asked them to act like his family! Olorun and I spread happiness in my disability like Mil!! Na bowleg I get oool! I no kill person!! one rightly said.

The other called me Stop body shaming!! It’s unfair! Ihaven’t handicapped. I am all that but I’m better than come this far to accept social insults. It can all of you put together. I kept silent since push a person of a fragile heart to commit suicide please stop it yesterday but this whatsapp own made me come out plain.

If you see someone with bowleg, fat body, too tall, too short, dwarf, blind on one eye or Yes I’M SHORT both, broken legs, crippled and so on, if you Yes I’M BOWLEGGED don’t have anything to say to then please Yes I’M FAT!!! shut the fuck up!!! And so what!!!! Does that make me any less As for that my bowleg since e dey pain una human???! It baffled me how people that for body e go pain una tire.

More photos of haven’t met in my entire life would go this far my bowleg here. Coman beat me. I dey to body shame me because I posted a simple Rivers State secretariat building picture of myself!! You all should go and”.

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You can imagine how hurt she might have been, such body shaming can really affect one’s self esteem but she didn’t take it to heart. She love herself, she loves her body and she doesn’t care about what anybody else says About how she looks.

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