Sunday, April 18, 2021

“She Must Be Arrested”- See What This Lady Was Caught Doing to a Pregnant Goat

The manner at which some Ladies go about taking Pictures of whatever they come in contact with, has become a thing of big concern. A lot of internet Users have massively reacted, over the pictures of what an unidentified Lady was caught doing to a Goat in her compound. Judging from the photos that was uploaded in these article, one can clearly see how she was maltreating the Female Goat.

Screenshot 20210407 112024 1
Screenshot 20210407 112050 1

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Emmy, who took to his personal facebook wall to post the pictures, stated that the unidentified Lady didn’t show the Goat any mercy at all.

“I wonder what could have made these Lady stoop so low to carryout such wickedness against these Goat. And from all indications judging from how big the stomach of the Goat looks, there is every tendency that the goat is Pregnant”, Emmy Said.

Meanwhile, a lot social media users were of the opinion that the Lady was abusing the Poor Goat, because the way she sat on it proves that.

Below are the pictures as was gathered by the correspondent “Emmy”:

Screenshot 20210407 112050
Screenshot 20210407 112024

What can you say to this?

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