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“She Deserves To Die”- See What This House Help Did To Her Madam’s Child That Got People Talking

“She Deserves To Die”- See What This House Help Did To Her Madam’s Child That Got People Talking

House helps are people employed or hired by some individuals to help them out in taking care of the house and their baby while they are away hunting for money or doing on thing or the other. It is adviced to suffer than getting a house help that will reck life.

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A house help has been caught up with her wicked ways, just like the Bible said, “your son’s shall find you out”, a house help fed the little baby she was to look after with her own urine. The madam noticed about her baby’s feeding bottle filled with urine, she further interrogated the girl, only for her to confess that she has been feeding the baby with her own urine.

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This evil act took place In Uganda, Kampala precisely, the woman too her baby to the hospital and it was discovered that the little girl had been infected by syphilis and the doctor is trying his best to ensure that the baby doesn’t get any other complications. She took the matter to the police, the house help was arrested and sentenced to 4years imprisonment.

See video below;.

After Tunde Ednut and other bloggers posted this video, many people reacted on this expressing their anger that the house help deserves to die and that 4 years imprisonment is too small. They also advised that people should forget house helps as this world is deep and full of wicked individuals see some of screenshots of their reactions below.

Kindly share this and learn a lesson from what happened to use.

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