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“Only God Will Save Her”- See What This Bride Did To Her Husband On Their Wedding Day

“Only God Will Save Her”- See What This Bride Did To Her Husband On Their Wedding Day

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Marriage is a sweet thing when your partner has the same sense of humour with you, that is why people who married their best friends have the happiest home and understand each other perfectly. A video has popped up on social media, in the video a bride was to give her husband cake to it on their wedding day, just like norms and traditions.

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Just like we have seen in many weddings, the lady could delay giving her husband the cake just for fun, to make people including her husband laugh but in this case, it was a whole different story.

After his bride dodged him, he gave her this angry look, like he was about to cry or beat her up. See the funny video below;

After this video circulated social media, it got people talking on Instagram as they pitied the bride because her kind of marriage would crash due to domestic violence, they said this because after she delayed giving her husband the cake, his facial expression was something else, he looked angry but controlled himself because he was in public.

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The man’s sense of humour is poor and looked very temperamental. See some screenshots of the funny things people had to say about this.

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