My Pastor Is Having An Affair With My Wife I Went Through Their Chats And Saw This (read chats)

My Pastor Is Having An Affair With My Wife I Went Through Their Chats And Saw This (read chats)

Some people say ‘The worst thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy but those who are close to you ‘

In all my 37 years of life the worst betrayal that i have been through i was being betrayed by my own wife and my own pastor.Well what happned is that with us living 3 houses away from the pastor we somehow grew a bond since the street we live in was not full of Christian people we were only few so we had this thing of visiting each other every now an then.Not only did we visit each other but we sometimes travelling to church together an all that.

Well with everything being that good i started noticing that my wife seems to be full of life whenever we are at church or anywhere in the presence of the pastor.My mind told me that they might be something they hitting behind my back but i chose to scrap that kind of thinking.

But then one morning when we were chilling at the dinning room i realized that she was busy giggling at her phone as if i wasn’t even there.I got curious and wanted to see what is it that is making her that happy but then i knew that asking won’t be a good idea for i might get told what i want to hear and not the truth.So i decided to take her phone later that day an went through her chats and this is what i came across.

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I honestly lost the respect that i had for both of them the moment i saw this and i made sure that she go no were on weekend and luckily she stayed.But then now that i haven’t confronted her about it this whole affair of thiers is eating me inside and something tells me that i should act on it.

Will reporting this to the pastor’s wife be a good idea?