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“Lord Have Mercy”, I Cried when I Saw What This Man Did To This Student


“Lord Have Mercy”, I Cried when I Saw What This Man Did To This Student

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The Manner at which some students are no longer focusing on their Books and Educational Studies, Instead that have decided and have chosen to forsake their studies and prefer all about Marriage at an Early stage. It is even shocking to note that most this females who venture into Marriage, had to drop out of school and forget about going higher in the sector of Education. Personally I have asked myself, is marriage a bed of roses or an Avenue where some one can come and practice boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, NO. Marriage requires a total commitment and a lot of sacrifices, it comes with the sweet part and also with the bad side of it. That is why couples are asked to say ” Till death do is Part”. So I will advise most Students to focus on their studies and Consider Marriage in the near

I was strolling down the internet when I saw some discomforting and confusing pictures, over what an unidentified man was caught doing to a female student, whose name was not disclosed for security reasons. Personally I have kept on Asking myself a lot of Questions, as to why this man should stoop so low and engage a Student that he is far older than with many years.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “KiaraMigos'”, who took to his personal facebook wall to share the pictures, stating that this an should have waited for her to Complete her University Academics. As it can be seen where the unidentified Man was captured on Camera, proposing to an unknown female students and this drew the attention of Many internet users.

“For Crying our loud, I Cried uncontrollably on how this man wants to negatively affect the life of this Students, because she is too young to get into Matrimony”, KiaraMigos Said.

Meanwhile a lot of Ghanaians has taken to the Post to express their feelings towards the pictures, that was shades on the internet by the correspondent “KiaraMigos”.

Below are the Comments and the reactions of some Ghanaians over the pictures:

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Below are the pictures of how this unknown Man had to Propose to this Student after School dismissal:


What is your take on this. Do you think she is too tender to do into Matrimony?:

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