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“It Will all End in Tears” People Reacted after Noticing Something Strange About This Marriage

“It Will all End in Tears” People Reacted after Noticing Something Strange About This Marriage

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Over time, the definition of marriage differs between cultures and religions, in culture or faith. Marriage is the commonly recognized union of people deemed to be partners, which defines their rights and obligations, their children and their rights and responsibilities. It’s changed in terms of who, what’s included and even limited.

While their parents choose the individual, many people go through marriage. Or maybe they got married because of money for something else.

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A photo shared on social media brought people to talk. The marriage photo shows that the man and his wife are neither smiling nor the newly-married couple’s smile. A couple should be happy on their wedding day. This pair’s story, however, is different. Think you’re happy or obliged to marry this marriage?

We live in a world of reverence for our parents and their wishes. Besides the conditioning, I think you feel torn internally, and by caring for them, you don’t want to be the source of their pain or hurt.

See Reaction Below;

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