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“I Sold my last set of Gold for my Boyfriend to Solve his Problem, See What He Told me Later” – Lady Cry Out

“I Sold my last set of Gold for my Boyfriend to Solve his Problem, See What He Told me Later” – Lady Cry Out

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There is nothing as dehumanizing and discouraging as having a partner who is ungrateful in whatever you do for him or her.

It hurts beyond words to realize that the same person you are sacrificing for is not appreciating you and not just that, he or she is even making you feel less important.

This lady by name Blessing Essien from her Facebook profile comes from Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The lady is a member of a popular group on Facebook known as Rant Hq Extension and a post was made in the group for people to narrate the most fooling thing they have done for love.

Commenting under the post, Blessing Essien said that she sold her last set of gold for her boyfriend to solve his problem and also signed surety for his brother cousin who had a murder case in Abuja.

Let me not bore you with so much explanations, just read her comment below.

Blessing Essien Sold my last set of gold for him to solve problem but today he will tell me that they’re pple who do more than that.

I follow up with the murder case of his cousin brother that was imprison in SARS abattoir for 4months, Signed his released surety and afterwards,he told me that even if I didn’t do it,God would’ve raised somebody to do it for him. In fact….’m known for doing stupid things for love but I don’t get sense now.

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This is so inhuman, many people have replied to her comment and she has also responded too.

Honesty, ladies like this are very rare and whoever has them should hold on to them.

The question now is, if you were this lady will you continue dating such a man or even marry him?

If you were the man will you treat such a woman who has done this for you the same way this man is treating her?

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