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Hours After A Lady Gave Birth To Baby, See What She Did With The Baby That Got People Talking

Hours After A Lady Gave Birth To Baby, See What She Did With The Baby That Got People Talking

It easy to just judge people’s action without trying to understand them, how the feel or what really happened, however, there are things we as human shouldn’t do no matter how hard things maybe.

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Clearly the world is heartless and wicked, that why we all should try and make it in life, be ready for what ever the world throw at you.

A young lady who gave birth to a newborn baby out of frustration did the unimaginable thing recently, and it was very sad for anyone who read the news on social media.

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According to the post, the young lady is just 21 years old girl who allegedly dumped her newborn baby into a pit latrine hours after giving birth.

Read full gist below

Police in Dowa have arrested a 21-year-old Woman, for allegedly dumping her newly born baby into a pit latrine. Dowa police spokesperson, Gladson Mbumpha, says they suspect that the woman, Kesta Andrew, gave birth on Tuesday but dumped the baby into the pit latrine yesterday.

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The baby was rescued after some people who went to relieve themselves heard baby cries from inside the latrine. The suspect has, reportedly, confessed to dumping the baby who was rescued by well- wishers and is at a nearby health facility.

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What can you say to this?

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