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They Call Me “Man With Two Heads”, I Was Told I Will Never Get A Wife Due To llIness – Man Narrates

They Cal Me “Man With Two Heads”, I Was Told I Will Never Get A Wife Due To llIness – Man Narrates

Most people seem to forget that everyone is created by God. So whenever you see anybody with particular health challenges, do not mock or laugh at them. Making jest of such people will lower their self-esteem and some could go as far as hurting themselves.

This is on the account of a man called “Jackson”. Jackson narrates how people make jest of him by calling him the man with two heads due to his poor health condition.

According to Jackson, he said that people keep telling him that he will never get married and that no woman would marry him with his health condition.

According to Jackson, his health condition started like a rushes under his ear which started growing bigger day by day. He further said that he has visited many hospitals for solutions but he couldn’t get any.

Most of his friends told him, that he would never find a woman who will marry him or bore a child for him. Luckily for him at the age of 50, God gave him a wife who bore him a male child. And they are both living happily.

According to Jackson, he loves to play with children a lot, he spends most of his time playing with children.

Jackson claims that life has been difficult for him and his wife. He can not do anything as his illness has affected all his body. He has stopped going for a check-up since he can no longer afford the money.

According to Jackson’s wife, she married him after she heard the way and manner in which people talk bad about him. She has vowed to live with him for the rest of her life. Although people advise her to leave him, Jackson.

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