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“Sign of Endtime”- See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing Inside The Church Exposed Online

“Sign of Endtime”- See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing Inside The Church Exposed Online

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The Bible teaches us that heaven is an Already prepared place, where the genuine Christians will go after the second coming JESUS CHRIST, as was revealed in the book of Revelation. The Bible recorded that every sinner shall die, and as such no sinner will be allowed to enter into the kingdom of Heaven, and that there is no repentance after a Man must have gone to journey beyond. But one things is certain, there is no Pastor, Bishop, Reverend or any Clergymen that will say that they have actually seen how Heaven looks, or that they have known the exact location where heaven is sited.

So long as Christianity is concerned, no one can tell where Paradise is located, and no one can tell when the second coming JESUS CHRIST shall happen, not even Our Saviour is aware according to the teachings of the Bible. No Religion can tell the exact date, month, year or time.

I was strolling down the internet this morning when I came across some pictures posted online, where a Pastor whose name was not given out, was seen doing what I will call a Blasphemy to the things and word of GOD. Personally after watching this pictures online, I said to myself where exactly are Some Pastors taking us to again in this era of Christianity.

According to the information gathered by the source, the Pastor whose Church was unidentified gathered a hug bed, sprayed it inside the Church and stated that he want to use that medium and avenue, to show his Church members how heaven will look like, as he was sure of what he is saying and doing. Because he already speak with GOD frequently and thus, he knows how heaven looks.

“The said Pastor preached to his Church members, and convinced them that he knows how heaven Looks, and thus he will disclose to then how beautiful heaven will look”, The Source Said.

According the report provided by the source, a Lot of her female members came out in their numbers from the illustrations their Pastor was given to them. As it is a Privilege that they will learn and know of these things. Adding that others were seen through the photo footage, cheering him up as their number one Prophet of the Most High GOD.

Meanwhile a lot of Internet Users has Taken to post to comments, and express their view over the Pictures posted by the Source, where a Pastor was caught teaching His church members how heaven will look like.

What is your take on this. Do you actually believe that he already know how heaven Looks? Kindly share these Article let’s keep on Exposing some things that Pastors were Caught doing inside their Churches.

Below are some pictures posted online by the Source:

Screenshot 20210406 172055
Screenshot 20210406 172111
Screenshot 20210406 172131
Screenshot 20210406 172055 1

What can you say to this?

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