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She Went Too Far- See What A Nollywood Actress Was Caught Doing While Shooting A Movie

She Went Too Far- See What A Nollywood Actress Was Caught Doing While Shooting A Movie

Most of Nollywood Actress we Have today in the entertainment industry, will go to any length do anything that they were asked to do, so long as it is included or not in their script. Again, once the director or the producer of a movie, increases the Pay for an Actress, she will not mind to do unspeakable things in a movie.

Screenshot 20210406 123954

I was strolling down the internet when I came across some trending pictures, where a Nollywood actress was caught performing a role in a Movie, that has gotten the reactions of most Ghanaians. She goes by the name Destiny Etiko, who is a popular Actress from Nigeria.

Recently, she took to her personal social media account “Instagram”, to post pictures that has caused massive stir on internet. And below are the images that she posted on her Instagram handle:

According to the photo footage which was gotten from a Video she Posted, shows were She was spotted dancing to a drum beat at home. She was performing an intended chosen sequence of human movement, which is very scary to viewers. Below are some of the pictures gotten from the video:

Screenshot 20210406 124215
Screenshot 20210406 124251
Screenshot 20210406 124235

More also, Destiny was caught on camera actually dancing to entertain the proposed viewers of a movie Scene. But in spite of the message that she intended to pass across through this movie, most of her fans still thought she actually went too far, in this particular set of movie she was Acting.

Kindly let us know your Opinion and observation over what She was caught Doing, and do you think that she actually went too far while playing that role?

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