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“She got What She Deserve”- People Attack Lady For Dressing Like This to the Public

“She got What She Deserve”- People Attack Lady For Dressing Like This to the Public

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A video making rounds on social media show a woman being harassed for what she is dressing and being called all sorts of hurting names.

She is wearing a fishnet outfit which is revealing her undergarments and standing inside a shop where she is being roasted left, right and center.

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Woman heavily attacked for wearing a revealing outfit
Before walking out of her home, probably in her mind, she was like, ‘what I am wearing is simply an outfit and there is nothing wrong with it’, little did she know it would land her in hot soup.

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We are not yet sure where this incident took place and when, but can tell it is somewhere in Africa.

Well, in Africa due to ‘decent’ cultures and beliefs, there are certain types of clothing people would not expect anyone to walk out of their homes wearing, unlike in Western countries where a person wears what they feel like wearing without fearing any judgement from the public.

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In the video, people can be heard verbally abusing her calling her names like a demon. ‘Look at you, you are a demon’, one lady can be heard.

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