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One Of The 2 Women I Married On The Same Day Converted From Christianity Because Of Me – Bashir Says

One Of The 2 Women I Married On The Same Day Converted From Christianity Because Of Me – Bashir Says

The 33 year old man in Abuja who got married to two women on that same day has finally spoken out about how the ladies reacted to news of his plans to tie the knot with them concurrently. He also revealed that one of them, Zainab converterd from Christianity to Islam because of him. Recall that a couple of days ago, we got news of how a certain businessman in Abuja by the name Bashir Ahmad Abaji Married two young ladies on the same day. That actually followed previous news of how some other men in Nigeria had reportedly wedded two ladies on the same day. News of the man and his beautiful brides actually made a lot of rounds the internet and that stirred a lot of reactions..

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You’ll agree that things like these and not very common and for people who must have had a lot of questions about how this is a possibility, one of their questions much have been, How did the women react?. It is hard to imagine how a woman would take the news if you sit them down and tell them that you are marrying them alongside someone else on the same day. Mr Bashir has now cleared the air about that and he answered the question according to BBC Pidgin. According to a post on their Facebook page, Bashir revealed that the two women were angry about the revelation and it took them some time to come to terms with it.

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According to him, 23 year old Zainab who was formerly a Christian found it really difficult to accept. Zainab had converted from Christianity to Islam because of him. He had to explain to them that Islam allows it and the trouble of marrying two wife is less than that of marrying two women.

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He assured them that they were all going to live in peace and they finally accepted his message. He eventually went on to tie the knot with them on the same day which is why the event caught the attention of the spotlights. What are your thoughts on this?

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