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Look At What People Noticed In This Igbo Traditional Marriage That Sparked Reactions

Look At What People Noticed In This Igbo Traditional Marriage That Sparked Reactions

Marriage is said to be the union of two people in love who has decided to come together to love and to be called husband and wife. We discovered that marriage is a thing that happens every Saturday, there is no Saturday you won’t see people getting married to the love of their lives, so I hereby consider marriage as one of the most vital things that happen in a lifetime.

There is a wedding and there is a marriage, wedding is introduced by the white people, while marriage is the traditional part and the most vital part of the union of husband and wife in Nigeria. The wedding might not be valid without the presence of traditional marriage.

According to a post made by a young lady known as Nwakaego Nworie, the father of the bride was seen giving juice to the bride so she can use it to tell the world who her husband was. It’s normal in Igbo land, the bride takes the drink and gives it to the husband, the husband, in turn, drinks it and puts some cash in it and they take it together to the bride’s father or uncle.

This picture is sparking reaction cause in Igbo tradition, they don’t give juice to the bride to look for her husband, what they normally use is fresh palm wine. I don’t know if it’s part of the tradition that was why this particular photo is causing reactions on social media.

The lady who posted it was asking if it’s right and some people supported it while many kicked against it and said that the Igbo tradition doesn’t support such thing, they added that they were supposed to use palm wine or other traditional drinks.

Some people added that some men don’t take alcohol even if it’s just a sip, so they don’t expect that kind of a man to be forced to take what he is allergic to all in the name of tradition.

Again, some people believe that if marriage procedures are not taken the way the people of old do it, something that is not right, they believe that something might go wrong, but that’s not true, a marriage that will go well will go well regardless of any culture and tradition, after all, some followed the full tradition and it didn’t lead to anywhere, so I will add that successful marriage takes the grace of God.

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