Monday, April 19, 2021

I Have Sxx With my Daughters Because it is my Right as Their Father, And I Trained Them

I Have Sxx With my Daughters Because it is my Right as Their Father, And I Trained Them

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A Man whose name was not disclosed for Security purposes has taken to facebook to post that he has been having canal knowledge of his Daughters ever since they grow to maturity. Reason being that as he is their fathers, and as he was the one that trained them, he has every right to Sxx them.

He said that he cannot spend all his time and Resources while they were still young and have another man take the advantage without him having his own share. He added that his Daughters are up to the age of 14 years and are attractive.

What is actually happening in the world of today. Is Rape now a Culture or a satanic means and agenda that the introduced to the People at the World this year. What can make a man declare interest in his own biological Daughters.

This Man should be captured by the Street Boys, have a rope tied to his P!nis, then hang him on a tree and leave him to hang there till he die. This is pure wickedness satanic.

Some people Reacted to this as some condemned it, some where shocked to hear a Father say that he finds comfort to have Sxx with his own Daughters.

Clearly this is send time unveiling it’s signs day by day. As a Father can you stoop so low to have Sxx with your own Daughters because you’re the one that trained them?

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