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End Time Pastor Is It Proper For A Bishop To Do This To His Church Members Inside His Church?

End Time Pastor Is It Proper For A Bishop To Do This To His Church Members Inside His Church?

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According to the teachings and doctrine of Christianity, holy Bible recorded that a time shall come when a lot of atrocities will be seen happening inside the church. It recorded also that some people will come out in their numbers, claiming to be genuine men of GOD but they are evil agents in disguise, whom are bound to lure people into destruction. Many thanks f this so-called men of GOD, will perform signs and wonders, deliverance and perform all sorts of miracles, calling the name of GOD but they are all fake men of GOD. What is currently happening at Churches, is a clear sign of what the Bible talked about End time Pastor.

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The founder and the General overseer of International Godsway Church, who goes by the name Bishop Obinim has been snapped on a Camera lying on top of a woman on the floor during a church service. This will not be the first time Bishop Obinim is seen doing this thing, as he has done this to two youngster. It was said that he lashes the both of them in the presence of other church members, given the reason that they slept with someone, thus GOD instructed him to beat them as a punishment for their sins.

Here in Ghana, Bishop Obinim is one of the prominent men of GOD that is known for his wealth and good deeds. Many people who are believed to be Christians did not support this act that he did, as they’re of the opinion that he should have not done that, because even the Bible told us not to judge anyone but rather we should leave it to GOD. Thus he should have allowed GOD to treat the matter himself.

Now the question that most people have asked, and based on my own perspective is that, is it Proper for a Bishop (Man of GOD) to do this inside his Church?

Below are some pictures gathered during the Church service:

Screenshot 20210406 122132
Screenshot 20210406 122102
Screenshot 20210406 122122
Screenshot 20210406 122102 1

What can you say to this?

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