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End Time Is Near: See What a Man is Doing to This Beautiful Lady in Public That Got People Angry

End Time Is Near: See What a Man is Doing to This Beautiful Lady in Public That Got People Angry

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Recently it has come to our notice that Africa people can now go to any length to trend and this case isn’t an exception. African seem to be imitating the western world by doing things that our African forefathers didn’t do.

We’ve seen a large number of our young generation doing irresponsible things online to seek the attention of the public. Even though we know the world is turning upside down and the abnormalities now seem to be the new norm, but again it’s usually amazing to see people doing crazy stuffs on a busy road just to make people look twice at them.

In this case, you can see people and cars on the road in the pictures standstill to observe what’s really going on, because this strange act attracted the attention of many people who were passing by.

Screenshot 20210406 220805
Screenshot 20210406 220722
Screenshot 20210406 220740

A man a lady were seen in broad daylight caressing each other while sleeping on a bed on a Busy road. So what do we call this act? Civilization or stupidity of the highest order? I wonder why the law enforcement agency didn’t come to halt this disgraceful act.

Screenshot 20210406 220740 1

Now, people engage themselves in abnormal and shameless acts, with body men and women now copying western culture with a show of no shame, it has become very worrying and alarming and i think the government and the security operatives should do more stop all these irresponsible acts.

Do you think these acts should be seen as the new norm in our society? I am really eager to hear your own opinion

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