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After My Ex-boyfriend Said He Can’t Live a Day Without Me, I Later Found Out This

After My Ex-boyfriend Said He Can’t Live a Day Without Me, I Later Found Out This

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Before one goes into a relationship with someone, it’s advisable one does a background check on the marital status of the person, before falling in love with him especially as a lady. This is because some men who get married early enough and still want to cheat, go about without their rings and one may not outrightly know if they are married or not.

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A lady shared on twitter recently how her relationship of two years ended after Facebook made her realize that the man he’s in love with, is already married. The lady whose name is @TheBestDecision said he once promised never to live a day without her, then a business deal came which made him leave for Ibadan where he spent two weeks, due to the lockdown extension. She narrated that they were still talking, video calling and all that until he found himself on Facebook some day where it directed her, to people she may know. On checking it out, she saw her beloved boyfreind, with his happily married wife.

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See below:

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As said earlier, before falling for a man whom you hope on spending a lifetime with, run a background check on him or even her first before settling your mind fully.

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