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After 70-Year-Old Man Went To a Night Club, Check What He Did That Stirred Reactions Online

After 70-Year-Old Man Went To a Night Club, Check What He Did That Stirred Reactions Online

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Old age is a wonderful thing people pray to see, many desire to live long and enjoy life to the fullest. These days, people die anytime including children, someone you saw today might not live to see tommorow. It is quite rare to see people making it up to 70 years old and looking all fit. Being old and strong is a blessing from above as it enables one to enjoy life as if one was still in one’s prime.

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There is a famous saying that “an old woman can never retire from what she is good at”, that is to say that people who are talented as youths will always retain and show off that talent even in old age. It is good for one to have fun irrespective of the age as it helps to relax one’s mind from all the tension in a country.

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A video shared on Instagram by King Tunde Ednut shows moment an old man went to a night club to have fun. According Tunde, the old man is currently 70 years old but he was spotted in a night club dancing as if he was a youth and wowing everyone on Instagram with his moves.

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Watch Video below;

After this video went viral online, it got a lot of users reacting and admiring his energy and ability to move his body so smoothly despite being 70.

What can you say to this?

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