Zanziman Used to Live in the Forest and Feed on Grass, See How Much His Life Has Been Transformed

Do you remember Zanziman Ellie?

Let’s jug your memory a bit. Zanziman Ellie went viral online some months back because of how different he looks and acts.

Being born with congenital microcephaly, Zanziman Ellie had a unique face and behaviour which made bullies mock and call him a monkey all because he always run to the forest and feeds on grass.

Raising him was tough on his mother who despite this, still see him as a blessing from above and a gift from God. According to her, Zanziman is an answer to her fervent prayers for a child and she loves him so much, no matter his looks or behaviour.

~Zanziman and his mom tasted cake for the first time~

This poor mother had challenges feeding her son because he would only eat raw food like fruits. Since she was poor, acquiring enough fruits to feed him was a difficult task and this made Zanziman to always run into the forest to graze on grasses like an animal.

As a result of this, the mother had to always run to the forest after him, to fetch him home because she believes that if Zanziman was allowed to stay too long in the bushes, he might never return back because he didn’t like to associate with people

After years of being burdened with the task of raising a special child, she got the attention of the world and many kindhearted people donated to have her life and that of her son transformed.

As the transformation continues, Zanziman who once always run to the solace of the forest and knew not much about the civilized world outside his village, was taken out to experience another different kind of life.

Surprisingly, he adapted very quickly to this new kind of life. Although it seemed strange and surprising to him at first, after some time, he blended well into the new environment, made new friends in the school he was taken to and looks very happy.

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