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What is Wrong With Our Modern Day Parents, See What a Mother Dressed her Child With

What is Wrong With Our Modern Day Parents, See What a Mother Dressed her Child With

The rate at which our modern day parents has turned everything, concerning fashion and Beauty, is becoming more disheartening and discomforting. The have twisted and changed the initial pattern, our olden days parents and forefathers go about, dressing their children to go out in Public.

Nowadays, Parents most especially dress their female children, in the manner that they can hardly wear the same outfit, they wore to occasions, birthday party, wedding ceremony and anniversaries, and wear them to church. In otherwords, they dress their children which ever way they want, to suit the taste of the public, who will look at them and admire them. Hence, change the pattern and the dress code of their female children, each time they want to go to the house of GOD. Now who is deceiving who?

In the other hand, Satan has corrupt and played with the minds of our modern day parents, that she has blinded then to see the wrongs and the implications, behind the indecent dressing being imposed on a girl child. They will end up calling it latest fashion. This is the best way Devil Uses to fabricate lies, in the mind of our girl child. They will start seeing that the outfit they wore, to various occasions are not wrong, hence their parents/guidance are comfortable with it.

Even in schools, some female children, ranging from the set that are in Junior High Schools, and the set in the Senior High Schools, now shortened their skirts to barely get to their knees. And you will discover that both the schools authorities, are comfortable with it, hence even the government are not bothered, with these sort of dress codes in schools. Yet you will discover hat most of this girls, proudly wear these clothes because their parents or Guidance, overlook them when their leave their various homes, to their respective schools.

Below are the pictures of the dress some modern day parents, dressed their girl child in.

Screenshot 20210405 150223
Screenshot 20210405 150242
Screenshot 20210405 150223 1

The mother of this Baby, chose to dress her up in a dress made in the shape of a mermaid. I really don’t know why this woman chose to dress her, in this type of outfit, made in the shape of a mermaid. Yes, some people might say that this dress looks adorable. But what of the spiritual implications, that are somehow attached to this dress. Unknown to this woman, the spiritual consequences and implication, is that Devil might or a strong spirit might posses this baby. And in the future, when the child starts misbehaving, the parents of the child will attribute it to foundational problem.

Some parents will mistakenly believe that their girl child, has been affected by diabolic forces. Little to their knowledge that the outfit they wore, at a tender age added to it. But the only way to avert this implications, is to ensure that you start now to teach you child, on the necessity that a Lady dress responsibly, whether at home or in a public place.

Even the Bible preaches to parent’s to train up a child, in the was he /she will grow. So that he/she will not depart from. She will grow up as a woman, who was nurtured by a Godly parents. Even when she becomes of age, men will troop in to ask him for marriage.

Screenshot 20210405 150242 1
Screenshot 20210405 150223 2

How can a person dress this adorable kid, in a dress design to have the image of a mermaid. It is very wrong.

I don’t want to talk about the fact that our girl child, has totally been given the mindset that it is not wrong to wear what belongs to Men. I really don’t know what to believe anymore, if it is wrong for a female child to wear a trouser or not. Even some women of GOD do dress on trousers, to preach to the congregation inside the Church. And they will end up telling us that. GOD is not after what you wear to Church, but he is only after your heart. A biggie from the pit of hell.

Funny as it sounds, Our nowadays modern parents, have totally deviated from the initial decent dressing, that Ghana is being known for, and chosen to dress like actresses in movies, Like ladies who dance in Hip-pop music videos.

It is not yet too late for a total turn around, and genuine change for our modern day parents, to go back to how other African countries see Ghana, when it comes to decent dressing.

What is your View, on the opinion of regarding This?

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