Monday, April 19, 2021

Urgent Warning To ATM Users. Cancel Transaction If you See This Number.

Urgent Warning To ATM Users. Cancel Transaction If you See This Number.

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Everyday scammers are coming with new tricks to take your Money. So you need to keep watch and remain up to date with Every tactics.

At first, scammers used what was believed to be magic, where they would use a marker on you. Then after that, you will only find papers in your bag, all your money gone.

Then they upped their technology, they went to card cloning using different devices on the ATM. So familiarise yourself with how an ATM is supposed to look, so you will know when something is not normal.

Screenshot 20210405 114335

This devices allows them to read your card information, then they proceed to go clone.

So the recent Scam is that as soon as you type in your PIN, a number will appear, if you proceed with your transaction, you will lose all your money.

***Tip***. Before using the ATM, press the cancel button numerous times before inserting your card.

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