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The Porter Broke Into My Room, Other Students Tried To Stop Him But He Refused-Student Narrates

The Porter Broke Into My Room, Other Students Tried To Stop Him But He Refused-Student Narrates

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In a video that was shared by Instablog, a young lady from the University of Jos has narrated how she was assaulted by her hostel porter late in the night. The lady was being recorded by her roommate and they both narrated what happened together.

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The roommate said her friend went to church yesterday but before she could get back to the hostel, it was already late. By the time she got back from church, her hostel’s gate has already been locked. Her friend said she begged the porters and explained to them that she was coming back from church and she couldn’t get a cab on time. She pleaded that they should let her in but they told her to go back to where she was coming from to sleep over night.

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The lady said another girl that was also returning back to the hostel that night went to straight to the porters and after gisting with them for a while, she was allowed into the hostel. The lady said the other girl met them there but she was allowed inside while the porter refused to let her in. She said she kept begging but the man refused. She decided to wait for a while, thinking the porter would change his mind but after waiting for some time nothing happened.

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She said it was too cold outside so, she maneuvered her way inside without the consent of the porter. She got into her room and while she was resting, she did not know how the porter got her room number, but when the man noticed that she wasn’t at the gate, he went straight to her room to check if she was there.

She said that the man suddenly broke her doors, invaded her room and started beating her in the room. She said some students wanted to come inside to rescue her but the man quickly locked the room door and kept beating her. She said she begged the man that the cold was too much outside and she had no other option than to find her way into her room since the man allowed other students to enter the hostel apart from her but the man did not stop beating her.

See her face after she was beaten

She said the man tried to send her out of the room but other students finally begged the man to let her be. After beating her, she said the man made her to write a statement that would implicate her. The lady said the porters were speaking in Hausa, thinking that she did not understand what they were saying as they mock her.

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Many people argued that even if the lady was wrong, the porter has no right whatsoever to lay his hands on a student, most especially a female student. The only thing the man should have done is to report her to the Division of Student Affairs but beating her like this is inappropriate.

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