Pastor Said He Will Transfer Glory From His Body To My Body”- Lady Narrate Her Experience With A Pastor

Pastor Said He Will Transfer Glory From His Body To My Body”- Lady Narrate Her Experience With A Pastor

When it comes to attracting the girl of their dreams, some men enjoy going above and above by doing or saying things that are exaggerated

If a girl is truly interested in you, I don’t believe all those hyperboles in sweet talking are important. You won’t have to do much if she finds you attractive enough to date, but if she doesn’t, you’ll have to move.

People were asked to share their experiences with pastors who wanted to ask them out or who dated them on a Facebook page.

There were many people who shared their tales, but one that stood out was that of Miracle Okeke, a lady who went by the name of Miracle Okeke.

There are numbers of people who shared their stories, but one captivating story between them is that of a lady identified as Miracle Okeke 

She told how an acclaimed man of God approached her at a bank, and instead of getting right to the point, he began by telling her about himself as a man of God who had just finished serving under a pastor and was about to begin his ministry.

The same evening, he called her and said he wanted to take her to a hotel where he would pass anointing/glory from his body to hers.

If she has a boyfriend, he also advised her to leave him.

She went on to say that he told her he saw her die in an accident and that she needed to see him right away for prayers.

According to her;

Hmmmmm.. Make I gist una. Around 2018 I went with my friend to UBA in Nowas junction Enugu. When we were about to leave the bank, one uncle lyk dis approached me and asked me to spare him some of my time.

As I stayed back to hear him out he began explaining how he is a man of God and he just finished serving with his oga and about to start his own ministry. He goes by the name prince.

That when he saw me saw he saw a bright star and that was when God told him am his wife to be, I no kukuma say anything I just they nod head make him allow me go When I got home, he called me and saying he needs to see me that very evening because he wants to transfer anointing/glory from his body to my body.

Started asking questions like “if I have a boyfriend”( if I do, I should leave my hf ” if I have done ahortion hefore”.

if I have done abortion before” I told him l couldn’t see him that evening probably tomorrow but I will be traveling to Onitsha He said okay but I need to see him before traveling so that he can take me to a private place (hotel) to transfer the glory to me, I said okay.

Next day reach he called me more than 23 times I didn’t pick. He then texted that he seeing me having accident and dying in journey that I should meet him so he can pray it out. Dear brothers and sisters, this is 2021 and am still alive and healthy.

What can you say to this?

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