Sunday, April 18, 2021

“Lord Have mercy”- The Scary Moment A Man Acting As Jesus Christ FelI Down From Electric Pole (Video)

“Lord Have mercy”- The Scary Moment A Man Acting As Jesus Christ Fell Down From Electric Pole (Video)

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Has it ever dawn on you to realize how precious life is? or how fortunate you are to be alive and healthy? Most people don’t know how lucky they are to be counted among the living, which is why am not always surprised when i see people taking dumb risks or gambling with their existence.

DndbIn the early hours of today, a video was uploaded on Instagram by legitpost, in the video, a man took his own passion of Christ to another level. This man chosen to attached his cross to an electric pole and as if that wasn’t enough he mounted it very high.

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In the course of the play, probably the rope that was used to tie him to the cross wasn’t strong enough, this man fell, imagine what dropping down from about 40ft would feel like.

Watch Video below;

What can you say to this?

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