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I Told My Husband To Prepare Plantain And Beans With Fish For Me, Check Out What Happened Next

I Told My Husband To Prepare Plantain And Beans With Fish For Me, Check Out What Happened Next

Marriage is a union between two people who love each other and are eager to take care of the needs of each other. For a marriage to prosper, neither of the mate should feel as if he/she is used by the other person. Many marriages fail because a mate or both feels they are being taken advantage of by their spouse.

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Primarily, women often take the mandate of cooking for the family but sometimes it can become very mechanic and boring leaving the women with the feeling that she is used by her husband. Sometimes, it is best for the husband to spice things up a bit and help out. That is what the husband of this lady did.

The lady monikered Baby (@fadererah), a Muslim lady and marketer as her profile suggests took to Twitter to share the romantic experience she had with her husband. She was craving for plantain and beans with fish but wasn’t inclined to prepare it. However, the husband had it covered by going to the kitchen and preparing just what she needed.

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The lady was so happy as you can see from the post she made and she had some word of praises for her husband. This is a great lesson for spouses. Sticking together and doing things together and for each other can bring the love out of each other. Few husbands assist their wives in kitchen chores but if many more do it, marriages would be such a experience.

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Below is her statement.

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What do you think about this? Share your thoughts below.

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