“Hell Fire Straight”- My Boyfriend Died On Top Me Yesterday Night- Lady Cry Out

Growing up wasn’t easy for all of us . Some experienced horrible things , by that they had to pull up their and do whatever it takes to survive . Relationship become complicated sometimes , one minute you excited one minute not . A lot of couples move in together later on when they dating . By that I mean you are able to see them from morning until night .

A lady posted saying her boyfriend died on top of her . Surely one would panic . What would you do if it was you ? Stand up and check what’s wrong right ? Call our for help as soon as possible . Do whatever it takes to get everything right .

You know what happened after she posted ? People took it as jokes and commented with memes throughout .

Since they are not married legally, the boy is going to hell fire Straight, because he died in the act of fornication which is a sin to God almighty.

Others to learn from This.

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