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Girl Who Was “Buried” 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Her Parents’ House (Video)

Zambian Girl Who Was “Buried” 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Her Parents’ House (Video)

Drama started after a lady who was believed to have died 2 years ago came back to her parents house yesterday.

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It was said that the girl named Winnie died after an illness and her corpses was taken to the mortuary and after to the church before she was then buried.

The shocking occurrence of the girl’ s ” coming back to life” happened yesterday in the peaceful Masala town in Ndola, Zambia.

Screenshot 20210405 091226

Mitingo mortuary only for her to come back to home to the shock of her parents and neighbours.

The girl said that it wasn’ t her they buried but a banana tree as hundreds of residents came together at the Central Police where the parents and the lady were kept waiting for a DNA test to be allowed and done on the girl.

Screenshot 20210405 091226 1
Screenshot 20210405 091336
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And let’ s say her people buried banana tree, where was she for two years? living with a guy and now she’ s fed up or probably left by the guy and she remembered home?

Watch Video below;

If I were her parents, dead she is, and dead she shall remain.

But this girl looks too dirty to be an actress.

I’ m just gonna get popcorn and wait for the follow up.

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