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“My Husband Beats Me Up Because Of His Sister” – Pregnant Wife Cry Out

“My Husband Beats Me Up Because Of His Sister” – Pregnant Wife Cry Out

The human rights defender and access To justice advocacy center said to have a case, brought before their office, which is involving a woman identified as Mrs. Chineye a pregnant lady, who said to have reported her husband to the Advocacy center over domestic violence.

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According to Mrs. Chineyere, it all started on Sunday, 28th March 2021, after had finished preparing food and she asked a small boy in the house, to watch some plate, so she can fish for her husband and father-in-law. But then the sister-in-law hindered the boy from washing, instead, she asked her to go do herself as the wife. Therein she went straight to her husband and reported his sister to him, but the husband rather supported his sister over her and she was angry. It was at that point she claims her beat her up because of his sister.

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However, Mr. Chukwudi said to have been invited to the human rights defenders office, and he said to have honored the invitation, so he can come to say his side of the story since his wife said to have alleged, that he beats her because of his sister. But unfortunately, the human rights defenders seem to have faulted him because instead of him peacefully say what happened so a fair hearing can be given to resolve their issue, he became violent, trying everyone around the office and even the founder human rights center.

It was on that note that the human rights officers said how disappointed they were at the man’s characters, and they wonder if he can put up such behavior outside, then they imagine what the wife must have been going through. However, the husband said he didn’t beat his wife, saying she lied.

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You can’t imagine, if he can put up that kind of character, outside how then is his wife coping with him in the house. In conclusion, the founder of the organization, therefore he said to the woman that marriage is not by force and not for children because the man called her husband isn’t mature. Also, the man should take care concerning her antenatal before she gives birth

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