Monday, April 19, 2021

Ladies Please stop Dressing Indecently at Church Men Can’t Focus to God

Ladies Please stop Dressing Indecently at Church Men Can’t Focus to God

Dressing indecently by women all over the world is slowly but surely becoming norm. Back then in golden and olden days women will hide their body with decent clothes so that some parts kept special for the husband.

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This days many ladies walk half naked were a guy can see everything without taking off her clothes. Some clothes are even called see through.

The worst part now is that these ladies they now wear indecently to church forgetting that men there are still men and they can see and start to imagining things.

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It is becoming very hard for men to focus on Church service because of how ladies are dressing up. Although as men we can act strong, our eyes are not closed and are our weakest point.

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Ladies should know that they are someone’s future wife and they must hide some jucy things for their future husbands and not exposes it to everyone

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