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I Was Born A Christian, Then I Got Married To A Muslim Man Who Didn’t Force His Religion On Me – Woman Says

I Was Born A Christian, Then I Got Married To A Muslim Man Who Didn’t Force His Religion On Me Lady

Most Nigeria parents kick against their children marrying from a different religion because they feel their religious belief is superior over other religion thereby anyone who is of a different religion is often seen as an infidel.

Many are of the believe that Interfaith marriages encounter a lot of religion related problems such as the man enforcing his religion on the woman, and if she isn’t willing to convert to her husband’s religion, it could create issues in the marriage.

In a bid to change the misconceptions about interfaith marriages, Mrs Oluwatoyin Adegbenro has narrated her own marriage experience on Facebook

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She said she was born and raised as a christian, her parents we’re Anglicans and she was in fact a chorister in her church but then, she got married to a Muslim. Her husband never enforced his Islamic faith on her neither did he enforce it on their children but as time went on, she naturally joined on her on accord.

She further revealed out of all her kids, only one chose to be a Muslim , while the others are Christians, yet their father didn’t love them less. She also said in her 23 years of marriage never was there issues as regards religion.

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It is good to know that in this time of religious intolerance there are still interfaith marriages void of problems and issues relating to religion.

Religion has been the undoing of mankind and until people come to realize that religion has divided mankind rather than bringing mankind together, we will continue to have this discussion. As far as two people in love decides to spend their lives together, religious belief shouldn’t be a stumbling block.

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According to her;

Oluwatoyin Adegbenro I was born a Christian. My parents were Anglican, and that was what grew up as. I was in fact a chorister in the church choir. Then I got married to a Muslim. My husband was a man who didn’t enforce his religion on me, but as time went on, I naturally joined him in the Islamic faith.

As a Muslim during Ramadan, you can only make meals for your husband if you are only a Muslim as well. Of course I saw the necessity at that instant, and got “christened again.I chose MARYAM as my name… Even at that, I was a nominal Muslim, while my husband was TOTALLY devoted. In our house, right in our compound, we have a mosque where even outsiders come in to pray….

Initially, the ‘noise wasn’t something enjoyed early in the mornings, but got used to it. .. Then gradually, -Aimmal-. got used to it. … Then gradually, Islam became something that came to me naturally. All the while, my husband NEVER enforced his religion on me NOR the kids. of our kids, just one is a practicing Muslim, and he chose to be one himself, while the others are Christians, yet, their father didn’t love them less. See, whatever you both do, ensure that external forces NEVER influence what you do. If your man is tolerant enough, then you’ll both be ok.

My husband and I were married 23 years before he passed, and not ONCE did we have issues as regards religious faith. Today, despite the fact that he is gone, YES, I am a Muslim, and I’ve no regrets.

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what can you say to this?

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