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A 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To Twin, Check Out Some People’s Reactions

A 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To Twin, Check Out Some People’s Reactions

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The divine grace of God is sufficient for all of us. Especially when it comes to things that seem impossible in human capabilities. There is nothing too hard for god to do. There is no impossibility on the side of Almighty God. He is the creator and the giver of life. Women are just the vessel to convey babies from God to the world. Women are to be appreciated and commended because anyone can bear witness that childbirth isn’t a child’s play. Women go through a lot from conception to childbirth. And God is so faithful to fail them.

This article is to showcase the goodness of the Lord upon a young teenager who gave birth to a set of twins. According to a post shared on a Facebook group “Igbo Rant HQ”, Wisdom Atasie said that a 12-year-old teenager has been delivered of a ser of twins. He also shared some of the young teenager’s pictures with her babies lying left and right beside her on a bed. This is so amazing and worthy to give God praise. Thinking that a teenager of this age can freely push a baby or two babies are somewhat weird to human reasoning. But with God all things are possible.

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The following are the comments of some Facebook users.


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