Monday, April 19, 2021

“This Boy Deserve to Riot in Jail”- See The Terrible thing He Did to His Relative

“This Boy Deserve to Riot in Jail”- See The Terrible thing He Did to His Relative

Though this information we are about to Exposed is antiquated it hurt our heart when ever we remember the terrible, devilish act that was done a boy who was to look after his relative.

Our mind remains afresh with the current rape case that occurred in Sierra Leon between a young guy and his young relative, Khadija whom her determine entrusted to his mother to look at after.

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Screenshot 20210403 201759

Khadija, was staying with her aunty and her aunt had a male child who was so close to Khadija and they both were regarded as brother and sister though the boy was far older than her.

Unfortunately, the boy got caught in the realm of evil and he raped Khadija till she gave up the ghost and her mother haven’t heard of the terrible act done, by her child tried to conceal the incident, but people who always asked about the little were able to discovered what they did to the little and the boy and her mother got arrested.

Screenshot 20210403 201812
Screenshot 20210403 201759 1

This is the height of wickedness, please know who you entrust your children to, because people are not to be trusted this days .

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