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Such A Disgrace: What Kind Of Woman Will Do Such A Disgraceful Thing With Her Son?

Such A Disgrace: What Kind Of Woman Will Do Such A Disgraceful Thing With Her Son?

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Such a disgrace to womanhood. I decided not to even write an article about this disgraceful act but I guess you, my followers and the opera hub readers to know about this shameful act pass your comment, suggestion or views.

This woman was capture unguarded, the child happens to be her child, but does that guarantee her to do what she is doing? Look at the picture very carefully, you will also notice that people were around when she was doing that, in fact even when she taught of it.

Screenshot 20210403 110747 2

But she is not willing to give attention to the people in the background. From how she feels comfortable doing that with her son, is so obvious she feels no shyness neither does she care.

Screenshot 20210403 110747 1

This is the more reason why I keep asking myself, what kind of woman is this? I really do not know much about her and her background, but what I can be sure of is that she is not a Ghanaian, and she will never be a Ghanaian.

Screenshot 20210403 110747 3

For me, if this woman is my wife, I will make her regret what she did. I will not divorce her, but my actions might push her to pack her things and leave. If it also happened that you were the husband, what will you also do?

Thank you for reading this article. God bless you.

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