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I Earn $2,000 Monthly But Can’t Afford My Rent, Which Is Why Sleep In My Car Woman Says.

I Earn $2,000 Monthly But Can’t Afford My Rent, Which Is Why Sleep In My Car Woman Says.

Where most people see as a land of opportunities, is not as rosy as it’s painted after all. Many migrants who travel from their countries, in search of a greener pasture without understanding how to go about getting the opportunity, that presents itself. It’s never easy anywhere, that’s why I tell people or anyone who care to listen to stop looking outside, rather look within to find help for yourself.

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Africa is a blessed continent with intelligent people yet have dunce as leaders, people who only think about themselves and their families. Majority of the African leaders are simply corruption personified, the only thing they have brain for is corruption.

In a trending video were Americans who have been homeless for the past five (5) years and because they couldn’t afford an apartment, they began living in their cars, just to keep surviving. A woman named Danielle’s story hit me, she was an accountant at a firm in 2012 but lost her job, for the past five (5) years she has been on the streets with her daughter sleeping in her car.

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If you have people who are trying to run from Africa, kindly show them this. You must have calculator your risk well.

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