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“Even Though I Have No Bed, She Still Loves Me”- Man Shares His Love Story

“Even Though I Have No Bed, She Still Loves Me”- Man Shares His Love Story

A Twitter user with the name Uncle Tochi, has shared his heartwarming story online and it caught the attention of a lot of people. He posted a picture of a lady lying on the floor with an ordinary blanket, and another picture of him and a lady.


According to him, the lady lying on the floor is the woman he would love to spend his life with, whose name is Oyinyechi. He said he is a single Father with a daughter, but his life changed totally when he moved away from where he used to stay to another place.

Screenshot 20210403 092755

Things were not going so well for him, him business was not good at all, so he had to make the decision of taking his daughter to stay with his Mother, but he was still taking care of her a little.

Screenshot 20210403 092803

Things got tougher as time went by, so he had not choice but to start selling off his properties. He sold out everything he had, without thinking about how his life would be and how his girlfriend Oyinyechi would feel about it.

Screenshot 20210403 092811

He has been monitoring her to check if she would dump him and move to another Man due to his condition, but she stuck with him and loves him regardless.

What moved him the most was when she decided to spend the night at his place, he told her about his room having no bed and the condition of things, but she didn’t mind.

Screenshot 20210403 093128

She told him that she would sleep where he sleeps, she would eat the same food he eats, and live with him where he lives. She came over, changed into his clothing’s and comfortably slept on the floor with a blanket.

Screenshot 20210403 092831

This moved him to tears, so he had to share this beautiful story with the rest of the world to prove true love exist. If he eventually becomes successful in future, he would love to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful lady.

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