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End Time Generation: See What A Pastor’s Daughter Did That Got Christians Talking

End Time Generation: See What A Pastor’s Daughter Did That Got Christians Talking

The rate at which some of our Young generation and youths have deviated from Christianity, and from the ways of our forefathers who first spread the teachings and Doctrine of Christianity across the world, has really gotten out of hand. The Bible had earlier warned us that time shall come when we Christian believers, will start experiencing some unusual things which was never in existence during the olden days. People will no longer have respect for GOD, many will prefer serving false gods than serving GOD Almighty. The love of money will be on the increase. Some so-called men of GOD ranging from Pastors, Bishops, Evangelist, Prophet and Prophetess will soil their hands with atrocities, perform miracles, signs and wonders calling the name of GOD. But they are secretly worshipping false gods. Thus the book of Revelation told us that once we start seeing all this signs, we should know that the end time is near.

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There is a trending story where a popular Pastor’s Daughter has shock the entire Christendom, over what she did by turning her back on Christianity. “Miss Bijou Fortunate” intentionally chose to convert to Islam because she felt that, all that has been preached to her throughout her childhood about her religion is not true. She came out to announce to the general public that, all those who are expecting to see her in her father’s church on Easter, will be disappointed hence they should forget about it.

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Therefore she wants to be known and addressed as “Bushira Ahmed”, so she had to marry a Muslim man who bears the name Ahmed.

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In her statement she said:

“I thought while I was growing up that the only Religion that is Genuine in the world is Christianity, and that was because my father is a Pastor, but that is not true. My father told me that wearing skirts, blouse and trousers that expose any part of our body, is totally contrary to the teachings of the word of GOD. Now am glad that I have finally found the man I so much love in Islam, and I’ve stopped being a Christian and converted to a Islam. So from now onwards, I want to be addressed as “Bushira Ahmed” Instagram of “Bijou Fortunate”, She Said.

Meanwhile in reacting to this, many People thinks that her reason of converting to Islam was because, she has got a rich man who is a Muslim. But she disputed that and responded that her father is also rich, but in her own Opinion she said Islam is the best Religion in the World.

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What do you have to say Concerning what this Lady Said?

You’re free to share this article, everyone has the right to know what our generation is turning into.

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