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“Don’t be Fooled”- Instead Of Paying People, See How Producers Make Crowd In Their Movies

“Don’t be Fooled”- Instead Of Paying People, See How Producers Make Crowd In Their Movies

When you see some movies and the kind of huge crowd present, you would start wondering if they actually paid thousands of people to act. If they do pay those thousands of people, don’t you think they would definitely go bankrupt?.

Screenshot 20210403 093833

Well the world has changed, people have become wiser and smarter, they do things in ways that are easier and cheaper. Instead of Paying plenty people for a scene, let’s take a look at how these producers make crowds in movies.

  1. Different shots of small groups/ Copy and paste

They normally capture the same set of people and just paste them over and over, you would hardly notice that the crowd is just made up of like 5 people.

Screenshot 20210403 094046
  1. Most times they use the crew members and also add some props, so that it would look as if there are lots of people there.
  2. Fake crowd

These are made up of plastic people, that were painted and dressed up to look just like human beings. See more pictures below;

Screenshot 20210403 093811
Screenshot 20210403 093848
Screenshot 20210403 093913
Screenshot 20210403 093921
Screenshot 20210403 093856

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