My Parents Forced Me To Get Married To Him. I Run Because This Is What I Found Out

My Parents Forced Me To Get Married To Him. I Run Because This Is What I Found Out

Ashiya Kamara Oyithur is my name. I’m in my early twenties and, of course, a lovely girl. I have a boy who I admire because he is so loving and professional in all ways, including bedtime. We wanted to do a blood oath because of our deep love for each other, but something happened on that day that stopped us from doing so.

My parents always told me that I already had a husband who would come to perform the requisite marriage rites and take me as his wife when I was younger. I was perplexed because I had never seen him before.

Now I’m a graduate working for one of the country’s best businesses. My boyfriend and I are no longer together because he moved to another country, separating us. We couldn’t see each other, and our friendship deteriorated over time. Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m about to marry, and here comes my rumored husband, as my parents always reminded me as I grew up.

I told my parents that I would never be able to settle down with him, but they told me that they couldn’t repay him for the money he had invested in me, and that he had also paid my primary school tuition fees. I didn’t have a choice but to marry someone twice my age.

The traditional wedding ceremonies were preceded by a white wedding. All went according to plan. When my college friends turned up at my wedding, I felt humiliated. I was worried they were talking about how I married an elderly man.

He was a wealthy businessman with a huge mansion and a fleet of automobiles, but none of these factors led to his happiness in marriage. I refused to have sex with him for almost two months because I had no feelings for him.

What I saw the day I decided to give him my body was out of this world, my sisters. He wielded a colossal stick that was not only large but also long. I told him I wouldn’t be able to carry it and that he should go find someone who could. I packed my things and left the house the next morning.

Did I do the right thing?

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