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“Can’t it Wait Till They Get Home”- See What Shameless Couple Were Doing Inside the Bush


A video of a couple busted in the bushes is currently circulating on social media, especially micro-blogging platform, Twitter and netizens can’t stop talking about it.

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The poking nation has always shocked netizens with their awkward videos on social media platforms. And they have done it yet again.

This time, a video of a couple doing it in the bushes is circulating on social media.

While the location and date of the incident is unclear, what is clear is that the couple had no shame. They failed to stop when passers-by spoke told them to stop.

Screenshot 20210402 223936 1

It’s apparent in the video that some of the spectators know the couple. The woman capturing the video dismally failed to stop the duo.

“There are kids here. Please stop what you are doing,” she is heard saying. But they continued.

The world indeed has lost it sanity, people are no longer mindful of what they do .


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